Whale ‘Asks’ Fisherman For Help Removing Plastic Bag From Her Mouth

While fishing off the coast of Sydney, Australia, these fishermen came across an incredible sight: a whale approaching their boat, trying to catch their attention. Amused by its behavior they decided to take a selfie showing the big mammal behind them. But then realized something was wrong.

The whale kept circling their boat, getting closer to their boat every time, with her head just above water. The men then noticed she had plastic bags and fishing line caught in her mouth. One of the men – Ivan Iskenderian – quickly reached in to pull the dangerous items out.

Ivan’s friend Michael Riggio, 17, snapped a few selfies with the whale.

Afterwards, the whale was seen flapping her fin and swimming away – apparently a showing her appreciation. The remarkable moment was captured on film by another fisherman, Ron Kovacs, who was on a nearby boat.

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