Here Are 5 Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Didn’t Know About

We all know that coconut water is the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a tasty alternative to water. This pure liquid is packed with nutrients that yield an array of health benefits. But probably you haven’t heard about what happens to your body if you consume this drink for only 7 days.

Did you know that coconut water has a structure that is compatible with the blood plasma in the human bloodstream? Coconut water was used during war times in history as a substitute for blood and has saved many lives in the long and devastating battles. That explain why it has been so popular.

So, what happens to the body when you drink coconut water for 7 days?

1. Strengthen your immune system
When you drink coconut water you strengthen your immune system and help clean the urine track eliminating infectious bacteria, gonorrhea, gum diseases and viruses that cause colds, infectious diseases and typhoid fever. And if you have chronic tiredness, coconut water will increase your energy.

This miraculous liquid is also good for people having kidney problems because it acts as a natural diuretic. It will help remove toxins from the body and it will break kidney stones.

2. Gives You Picture-Perfect Skin.
If you have acne, dry or oily skin, dip some cotton in coconut water and put it on your skin. This will clean the skin and what’s most important it won’t close the pores. It also moisturizes the skin from within if ingested orally and eliminates large amounts of oil. if you want to have hydrated and glowing skin during the day, one cup of coconut water should be enough.

This explains why products such as facial creams, shampoos, conditioners and lotions that contain traces of coconut extract are more effective.

3. Facilitates Digestion.
Due to the high level of fibers it contains, Coconut water is good for digestion. If you constantly encounter difficulty during the digestion process, coconut water may provide a source of relief while reducing the occurrence of acid reflux.

If you mix coconut water with olive oil you may clean your organism. This mixture will remove intestinal parasites.

4. It Helps You Lose Weight.
You will lose weight thanks to its ability of saturation, thereby reducing appetite. The fat content in coconut water is extremely low, so generous quantities can be consumed without the fear of immediately packing on the pounds.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure.
In many instances, a disproportionate level of electrolytes can result in high blood pressure. Because coconut water contains an adequate supply of each, it can be used as a balancing mechanism. In some instances, it is recommended that coconut water be consumed at the start of each day to foster the balance of these electrolytes.

Drink one cup of coconut water every morning and with this you will balance your electrolytes which misbalance may lead to hypertension or high blood pressure.

In short, coconut water will refresh you and live a positive mark on every part of your body, while increasing your energy levels, strengthening your immune system, protecting you from bacteria and helping you lose weight. Awesome!

How much coconut water should you consume? According to some experts, you should drink 40 – 50 ml a day. Coconut water can be enjoyed as a stand-alone beverage or combined with another liquid product.

However, you should consider “maintaining an active lifestyle if consuming large amounts of coconut water since each eight ounce serving is accompanied by 45 to 60 calories,” experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend.

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