Bakery Owner Gets Surprise OF a Lifetime When This Customer Does THIS

When this woman walked back into Mrs C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, UK to return a box of stale cupcakes, Sharon, the owner to small bakery, was ready to reimburse her customer, but she never expected this to be a life-changing experience.

Sharon has gone through a series of hardships this past year. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she lost her younger brother, and doctors found her youngest son was suffering from a degenerative disease. The hardworking mother of four was struggling to pay the extensive medical bills and was falling behind on the lease to her cupcake business. On top of that stressful situation, she barely had time to see her kids for a few minutes every day.

When Jackie O, one of the radio DJs at station KIIS 1065, heard her story, she decided to give Sharon a little help in the form of a big surprise. In the video below, Jackie enters Sharon’s store pretending to be a customer coming in to return a box of stale cupcakes. What follows is on of the most heartwarming moments I’ve seen.

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