U.S Federal Judge Rules Pet Stores Cats And Dogs Must Be Rescued Or Shelter Animals

If you love animals, this story will certainly leave you cheering. A federal judge in Phoenix, AZ has upheld a new law that bans the sale of cats or dogs that come from puppy mills, the Huffington Post reports.

U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled that “all pet stores must carry animals that came from shelters,” where we see an alarming number of animals put to rest every day because of lack of homes.

Citing the “abusive practices of some large-scale commercial breeders known as puppy mills, Phoenix leaders approved an ordinance that bans pet stores from selling dogs or cats unless the animals come from the pound or a non-profit shelter or rescue group,” wrote AZ Central.

One Phoenix pet shop owner challenged the city ordinance as unconstitutional, claiming it blocked interstate commerce. However, the judge upheld the new law designed to crack down on abusive puppy mills.

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H/T: Huffington Post, AZ Central

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