Girl With Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon Race With Mom

When this single mom teamed up with her daughter to compete in the Jackson County Triathlon, they never expected to become the highlight of the race. But They did. And the reason will leave you in awe.

Triathlon (Swimming, biking and running), is a very demanding competition. But 11-year-old Cecilia, who has cerebral palsy, is an athlete at heart, and she and her mom Debbie, were determined to cross the finish line. Not only this amazing duo accomplished all three feats, they did it in the most inspiring way.

“She faces such extreme challenges and gets up with a smile on her face no matter what,” Debbie says of her daughter in the video below. “As a parent if I can let her borrow my arms and legs, it’s the least I can do.”

“I think it’s cool and like it that my mom helps my sister do things we get to do,” said Cecelia’s nine-year-old sister, Lucy, also a triathlete.

Watch their amazing race in the news report below:

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