She Has The Face Of a Baby Doll, But When You See Her Body? WOW!

This young girl may have the face of a porcelain doll but don’t let her beauty fool you. The body of 18-year-old Russian bodybuilder looks more like ‘The Incredible Hulk’. Julia Vins became an internet sensation after a video showing her power-lifting 180 kg went viral.

According to media reports, “she started working out when she was 15 and felt too skinny.” Her unusual blend of wide-eyed beauty and muscular physique has captured the attention of fans in her native Russia – attracting more than 23,000 Instagram followers.

Photo: Instagram

“People know me as “muscle Barbie. I like this comparison. It’s nice,” she says.

Photo: Instagram

Her astonishing appearance has drawn criticism from the opposite sex, but Vins says that “guys who are negative about my athleticism are just jealous”.

Photo: Instagram

The 18-year-old hasn’t missed a workout in three years! Watch her training in the video below:

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