They Abused This Old Donkey And Dumped Like Trash, But Look At Him Now

This poor donkey, named Fernando, knew nothing but work his entire life. For over 20 years, Fernando’s owners profited from his hard work at the farm. But when he injured his foot, they drove him out to the middle of nowhere and dumped him there, like trash, reported The Dodo.

However, they didn’t know that a guardian angel was already on the way to assist him.

Photo: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

According to the report, “a woman walking her dogs saw the donkey, totally abandoned and desperate for help. She immediately called the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.”

The people the sanctuary were eager to help the desperate donkey. But they faced a major challenge: they had no way to transport him. So they turned to Facebook, posting a plea for “anyone to help them with the rescue.” Within 45 minutes an off-duty firefighter arrived at the sanctuary with his truck, the Dodo writes.

The group immediately drove off, headed to where the injured donkey had been spotted. When they got to the area it was already dark. The rescuers scoured the forest as pouring rain started to fall.

“We were searching desperately with torches in the darkness in hopes of finding him,” said one of the rescuers told The Dodo.

Photo: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

They finally found the injured animal over a woodpile. Fernando was relieved to see them.

Photo: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

With lots patient and tender care, Fernando recovered from his injury and is is now living happily at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

Photo: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

It’s sad to see farm animals being abandoned when they are no longer considered profitable.

Thank God for the people at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary and the selfless firefighter who came to Fernando’s rescue. Please share this post if you admire their effort.

H/T: The Dodo

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