Rare Giant Eagle Shot Dead After Being Released Into The Wild

After being rescued and treated, this rare giant eagle was released back into the wild. But the majestic bird didn’t last long. Its remains were found on a forest ground with a gunshot wound on its breast, last weekend,  The Telegraph reports.

The Philippine eagle, named Pamana, spent almost three years at the Philippine Eagle Foundation Centre in Davao City on southern island of Mindanao, recovering from an earlier gunshot wound.

Panama rests while recovering at the Eagle Center. Photo: Imgur

“This is a blow to efforts to save the species from extinction,” the Philippine Eagle Foundation said.

According to the report, “it was the 30th to be found dead or wounded out of an estimated population of just 400 pairs in the wild, which reside mainly on the large southern island of Mindanao,” Joseph Salvador, the foundation’s executive director, said.

The eagle was found dead with a gunshot wound to its chest

“Unfortunately, one person with a gun thinks he can shoot anything,” Salvador told reporters, adding no one has been arrested in the latest incident.

It saddens me to see this defenseless beautiful bird being shot for no reason. Please spread the word so the perpetrator can be brought to justice.

H/T:  The Telegraph

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