Beloved Worker Fired After 30 Years Of Work Over $5

What happened to this man sounded like a bunch of nonsense, and it left many in the community disappointed at the management that left him jobless after working an impressive 30 years on the job. The reason left many dumbfounded, as it was a nice gesture from the worker that many would consider commendable; not something malicious or detrimental to anyone… at all.

Sam had been working on the Boca Grande tollbooth for more than 30 years, and had always worked in good spirits. Members of the community praised Sam for his attitude and generosity. Most people agreed that driving past though a toll booth wasn’t a pleasant experience in general, but Sam was the one to make that into a positive one.

One member of the community mentioned that Sam would always be the one to make people’s days a little better. He often gave lollipops to the children who passed through, and dog treats for those who brought their pet’s with them.

However, the admired worker wasn’t expecting to be fired for helping someone out. To Sam, the job wasn’t about making money but about meeting all the different people that passed through. He occasionally helped pay for people that didn’t have enough cash on them, and the most recent one only needed $5.00 – $5.00 that would make Sam lose his job.

On Facebook, the community lashed out at the management, outraged over the firing of a man that had done nothing wrong and was only trying to be helpful.

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