Lost Nazi Train Filled With Treasure Found, Poland Officials Say

According to Polish officials, two men, one German and one Polish, are claiming to have found a long-forgotten Nazi train filled with treasure near the city of Walbrzych, Vice reported today.

The train’s existence was long thought to be a myth. But Polish officials believe the men’s claim is authentic and are taking the lead seriously, due to the fact that the men hired lawyers and “are demanding 10 percent of the train’s value in exchange for telling authorities its location,” the report said.

“One of the lawyers for the men compared the discovery of the train to the ‘wreck of the Titanic’ on a Polish radio station,” reported AP.

According to WWII historians, “the Nazis had constructed a system of underground tunnels in the region, when it was under German control, to transport materials during the war. The 490-foot train was believed to have left Wroclaw – then Breslau – in 1945 and disappeared somewhere in the mountains. The Nazis later closed the underground tunnels and stations when the war ended, possibly sealing off stolen treasure.”

WWII Nazi tunnel. Photo: Imgur

“The district governor has called a meeting with firefighters, police, military and others to explore how they can safely handle the train if it is finally discovered. Not only could it be armed with explosives, but methane gas underground could add to the risk of an explosion,” the AP report says.

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