Geologist Claims Pre-Historic Humans Drove All Terrain Vehicles, Shows 'Proof'

A Russian geologist claims that an ancient civilization drove giant all-terrain vehicles on Earth in pre-historic times. Dr. Alexander Koltypin argues that “ancient car tracks” recently discovered in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey are one of a number of clues “which prove the existence of ancient civilizations, but has been ignored by mainstream scientists.”

“These mysterious groove-like markings were not created by any natural process, they were made by artificial means,” he says.

“We can suppose that ancient vehicles on wheels were drove on soft soil, maybe a wet surface,’ he said.

“Because of their weight the ruts were so deep.

“And later these ruts – and all the surface around – just petrified and secured all the evidence.

Dr. Koltypin, along with three colleagues, inspected the mysterious tracks and described them as ” petrified tracking ruts” made over 12 million years ago.

“I think we are seeing the signs of the civilization which existed before the classic creation of this world, and maybe the creatures of that pre-civilization were not like modern human beings,” he said.

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H/T: The Mirror

Image Credita: Imgur

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