These Bears Were Kept In Cages For 20 Years. Watch Their First Step To Freedom

For over 20 years, these four bears spent their lives locked up in old, rusted cages in a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania, with no shade or comfortable place to hibernate. Forced to perform tricks and kept in tiny cages, Bruno, Fifi, Marsha, and Pocahontas spent years languishing in a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania.

When the zoo was shut down in 1995 because of violations of the Animal Welfare Act, the poor animals were never allowed to leave their enclosures.

Thankfully, PETA was made aware of the situation, and they wasted no time in securing their freedom. The video below shows the elderly bears being released into open fields after the 20 years they spent in captivity. Their first steps outside their cages are truly inspiring.

I’m so glad to see these animals free at last. Now Bruno, Fifi, Marsha, and Pocahontas can enjoy the freedom that was stolen from them 20 years ago.

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