These War Vets Fought Side By Side In Vietnam. Their Reunion 38 Years Later Is Incredibly Touching

Many mane were lost during the Vietnam War, but many friendships were also built during that challenging time. Two of those U.S. Vietnam war veterans became the best of friends who stuck together. However, after the war, they went on with their lives and lost touch… until now.

War veterans Rick Mueller and Joe Martinez served during the Vietnam war In 1971, aboard the U.S.S. White Plains. They became inseparable. But after the war ended, they were transferred to different cities and lost touch.

Mueller tried to reach out to Martinez calling up anyone in the phone book with the same name but with no success. Little did Mueller know that Martinez was also in search for him.

Then, one fateful day in October 2014, one of Martinez’s letter reached Mueller. He couldn’t believe this was who the Joe Martinez he had been looking for years ago! He didn’t waist time, and that same weekend, Joe and Rick finally met again.

Fox News Greta Van Susteren has more on their touching reunion.

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