Which Cooking Oil Is The Healthiest Choice For Frying?

Whether you’re roasting a chicken breast or sautéing fresh vegetables, your end goal is to end up with a delicious food that is also healthy for you and your family. So how do you know which oil is best?

In the video below via Mail Online, nutrition expert Alex Jamieson, explains when it’s best to use vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil or coconut oil.

Olive Oil:
It promotes heart health and good cholesterol, while helping lower your bad cholesterol. But it’s more stable at medium temperatures. If you go above 350 degrees while cooking, it will start to break down, and it wouldn’t be the best choice.

Coconut Oil:
When you’re cooking with a high heat, choose coconut oil. It’s the highest in saturated fat, which makes it the most stable. Interestingly, it’s a solid at room temperature.

Canola Oil:
It’s highly refined and only 15 percent saturated fat, so a bit of an improvement over vegetable oil.

Vegetable Oil:
This is the most popular of the four oils, but not the healthiest. It’s about 62 percent polyunsaturated fat which means when you heat it and cook it, it just oxidizes very quickly.

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