Magician's Alphabet Trick Turns Into An Incredible Marriage Proposal

We’ve seen a good share of videos of beautiful marriage proposals, but we were really impressed by this one. Every successful marriage proposal includes an element of magic, but what Neil Henry did took it to another level.

After swallowing a can of pasta shaped into letters of the alphabet, Henry invited his girlfriend, Charlie Gardner, onstage for a trick that involved pulling a string of letters out of his mouth.

Henry asks his girlfriend to read the letters aloud to the audience. She complies, laughing at the first letter “M” before appearing startled by the follow-up letter, “A.” When two consecutive “R” followed, she couldn’t contain herself: “Oh, shoot!, you’re kidding me!” The moment the “Y” came out of his mouth to finish the word “marry,” Gardner gasped, “Oh, my God!”, and covered her mouth with both hands.

Watch the audience’s reaction as Henry pulled the remaining two letters out of his mouth to finish the sentence: “Marry me.”

That was wonderful! Pleas share!

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