This Baby Was Dying, But Her Twin’s Hug Rescued Her And Changed Medicine Forever

Something really special happened inside the neonatal intensive care unit at this hospital in Massachusetts that changed medicine forever.

It all began about 20 years ago. Twin sisters, Kyrie and Brielle Jackson, were born in a hospital in Massachussets on October 17, 1995. But they did not get the easiest start to life. They came into the world 12 weeks premature, the twins weighed only 2.2 lbs each.

The twins were placed in separate incubators. Kyrie improved rapidly and gained weight a few days after birth, but her twin sister Brielle had a much more difficult time. She cried a lot, had difficulty breathing, and was blue in the face.

Gayle Kasparian, a nurse in the ICU, worked tirelessly to try to help her. She picked her up and held her. She let her father to hold her. She wrapped her in a blanket. She wiped the mucus from her nose and tried to comfort her. Nothing worked. Her condition was deteriorating every minute. Then her common sense kicked in, and what she did next transformed healthcare for good.

Going against hospital rules, Gayle placed tiny Brielle in the same incubator as twin sister Kyrie. Almost immediately Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie.

The special moment was captured by a local news’ photographer. The photo became an iconic image seen by millions around the world.

Photo: Imgur

Almost immediatelly Brielle began to breathe easier. She quickly regained a healthy color, and her crying stopped. In the next few days, Brielle’s condition dramatically improved. As long as she remained laying next to her sister Kyrie.

In a few days, Brielle made a complete recovery. The event changed the hospitals guidelines on twin births and clinical studies have shown that there are clear health benefits of placing the twins in the same bed. The famous hug has helped to save lives and changed the way you treat premature twins.

Almost 20 years have gone by since that magical moment. Here are Kyrie and Brielle today.

Photo: Imgur

Gayle Kasparian has been praised for her common sense. She is perhaps the real heroine in this story. Watch more in the video report below.

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