Dog Awakes And Leads Elderly Man Home After Brutal Attack That Left Him Unconcious

After being brutally attacked by two strangers, this elderly Dallas man was left badly bruised and unconscious. But things could have been much worse for him if it weren’t for his four-legged companion.

According to Fox4 News, James Barfield was walking with his dog Franky, a 3-year-old Scottish terrier, near Samuell High School when two men approached him. Suddenly, they started punching and kicking him.

The 79-year-old fell to the ground and lost consciousness as the men then stole his watch, keys and the contents of his wallet.

“Franky, tried to intervene, but the thieves kicked him too before running away,” the report says.

Barfield suffered severe bruises and broken facial bones. Thankfully, “Franky nudged him until he woke up, then led him home,” Barfield said.

The brave little dog was left with “bruised tissue,” a veterinarian told the channel.

“He was probably traumatized but if they attacked me I know he tried to defend,” Barfield said.

Gail Allonby, Barfield’s daughter, told the station that “If they would have killed my daddy it would have been for $20.”

Watch Fox news report below:

Police are still looking for the suspects. Please spread the word and share this post with everyone you know.

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