Image Of Firefighter Doing THIS With a Child at The Scene Of An Accident Has Gone Viral

When Rick Camarena, a retired Los Angeles firefighter, saw an SUV flipping over several times on Interstate 10 in D’Ibervile, MS, he never expected anyone to survive such terrible accident.

The vehicle containing one adult and five children flipped several times before coming to a crashing stop. Knowing his training, Macarena jumped in to assist them. “I saw five kids ejected,” Camarena said. “I know trauma criteria; I helped them.”

Minutes later, first responders arrived at the scene. When D’Iberville firefighter Casey Lessard saw this injured child, he treated his injuries, and then did something incredibly touching.

Photo: provided

The injured child was panicked and afraid, so Lessard sat down right next to him and showed him clips of the popular kids’ movie. It was a touching moment in the midst of tragedy.

A passerby captured the picture below, which has gone viral on social media with people praising his selfless act of kindness.

Photo: Provided

This firefighter went far beyond the call of duty to make sure this child was not only physically safe but emotionally calmed.

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