'Don't You Die On Me!' A Cop Screams . What Happens Next Will Leave You Speechless

This dramatic dashcam footage of an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper attending to the scene of a semi-truck accident has set the internet abuzz, and you’ll see why.

The incident happened when 53-year-old driver John Depue of Charlotte, Mich., suddenly veered off the road along Interstate 75 between Piqua and Sidney, Ohio.

The video shows officer Eric Devers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol arriving at the scene of the accident and within seconds runs past the busted highway guardrail, down a slight slope, and through some brush toward the crash victim.

What unfolded would result in the rescue of one man’s life, and the recognition of another’s heroic act.

When Devers is out of frame, his microphone picks up an incredible directive to Depue who was unresponsive. “Come on keep breathing, keep breathing,” Devers yells. “Don’t you die … Don’t you die on me, come on!” he shouts, followed by the CPR compression counts of, “one, two, three …”

This video gave me chills. Devers assisted Depue for 12 minutes before emergency crews arrived at the scene, and by that time He had successfully been able to resuscitate Depue.

What a hero! I’m glad this officer was able to save this man’s life. A true example of how to “protect and serve.”

Please share this incredible act of heroism and kindness with everyone you know.

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