Scientists Using Google Earth Stumble Upon Striking Mystery

Our planet is full of marvels, but it’s also full of mysteries that challenge our understanding. While scientists do their best to explain some of these mysteries, the mere reason for their existence still remains unknown to us.

Just recently, archeologists working near Pisco Valley in Peru stumbled upon a striking mystery: A large mass of land riddled with man-sized holes carved into the barren rock.

Image; Google Maps

Commonly known as ‘The Band of Holes,’ it’s believed that they have been around for centuries, but scientists have no idea what these strange holes really are or who made them.

Image: Google Maps

Thousands of man-sized holes stretching for a mile are carved into the rock of the Andes Mountains.

Image: Google Maps

Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision, some run in rows that curve up in arches, some staggered lines.

image: Google Maps

Researchers were already aware of these strange holes but no one really knew their true extent until they used satellite photography to map the area.

Image: Google Maps

Some speculated that these holes were dug to store grain in. Others believe they were made by extraterrestrial vehicles. But this band of holes still remains a mystery that continues to puzzle scientists.

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