Woman Discovers Grandfather Is Her Dad in The Most Shocking Way

Jodi Cahill’s life was turned upside down when she received a letter from her estranged mother four years ago. In that letter, her mother told her that “they share the same father.”

Cahill discovered that her mother had been raped by her own father at gunpoint after years of abuse.

In the letter sheo wrote: “it’s about time I told you the truth of who your father was… you and I share the same father.”

Photo: Jodi Cahill

In the letters, her mother detailed the years of abuse she had suffered at the hands of her father, Raymond.

“From a very young age I suffered abuse of every kind from our father. The night I was brutally raped and fell pregnant I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Now, the 38-year-old Australian who was conceived after her mother was raped by her own father at gunpoint has bravely spoken out about the trauma of discovering her horrific family secret that led to her battle with anorexia, reported Daily Mail.

“I would not want anything any different because out something bad came something good and that was you Jodi,” she added.

Supplied by Jodi Cahill

While her mother hoped the letter would provide answers and resolution for Cahill, the terrible revelation hit her at her core.

“I was so in shock and disgusted,” she said. “That night, I tried to jump off a bridge.”

Cahill immersed herself into work rather than deal with the issues and developed anorexia as she struggled to cope.

Photo: Jodi Cahill

“When I felt empty I felt okay. I could concentrate on how empty my stomach felt, which is kind of ironic,” she said.

Her friends grew concerned as they watched her weight drop. Her anorexia became so severe that she ended up in hospital for four months being fed from a tube.

Jodi and her mother. Photo: provided.

Cahill is on her way to recovery, but she acknowledges she has a long way to go – and hopes that by sharing her story she will encourage others to get help and beat the condition along with her.

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