Frustrated Dad Writes Donation Check To Child’s School Using Common Core Math

Since its inception in 2009, parents across the country have complained that Common Core and the tests tied to those standards may be preventing students from achieving their learning potential. The controversial Common Core standards teach children a new “long form” way to do math.

Douglas A. is the father of a child at Milridge Elementary School in Painesville, Ohio. He decided to express his frustration with the new standard by making a donation to the school writing a check using Common Core math.

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How much money did Douglas donate to the school? Well… unless you are a sixth grader indoctrinated into Common Core, we may never know the answer to that question. But one thing seems to be certain: Douglas has struck a nerve and his Common Core trolling of the school has gone viral.

Now the school or the folks at the bank will have to figure out this problem, or the school won’t get the money.

Parents are not the only ones saying that “it is crazy that they are unable to help their children with their simple elementary level homework.” A great number of educators say the program discourage teachers from being creative and force them to teach to the test.

Take that Common Core! How do you feel about this program?

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