Watch: School Bully Punches Blind Student… The Result? EPIC

At Tabooya, we don’t shy away from speaking out against bullying. So when this Video showing a school brawl that erupted after a student punched a blind boy, who is then rescued by another teen who punched the bully, surfaced online, we wanted to share it with you. It’s time we stop bullying at school and in the community.

According to The Raw Story, the incident occurred at Huntington Beach High School in California during lunch break.

In the clip, posted to YouTube Wednesday, a boy is seen punching a blind student, who has his hands up in defense around his face but is not returning hits. As the attacker was winding up to throw another punch, a third teen knocks him to the ground. He then walks over to the blind teen and asks the blind boy, “Are you OK, Austin?”

Watch the video here. (Warning, violent content)

The violent episode has many hailing the boy who came to the defense of his blind classmate as a hero. “District officials said they are investigating the incident and have a zero-tolerance policy about bullying,” wrote the Raw Story.

What do you think? Did this bully got what he deserved? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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