Intriguing Photo Of Girl 'Underwater And Jumping Into Water At The Same Time' Baffles The Internet

This “mind-blowing” picture has left web users bewildered. The image appears to show a little girl underwater and jumping into the water at the same time.

The image was posted on Imgur, where it has been viewed more than a million times and sparked hundreds of comments with some speculating that the little girl, who looks to be about three or four-years-old, is performing some kind of water bending trick.

Photo: imgur

“Stop confusing me!,” one user wrote.

Another commenter said: “She’s a water bender. Magic!”

Other words used to describe it include, “Trippy”, “Waterception” and “Mind blow”.

“Droplets from the splash appear in front of her face, coupled with the ‘no filter’ style picture gives the effect of her being underwater and jumping into water,” one commenter wrote.

What do you think? Is she under water or jumping into water?

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