Hero Doctor Saves Life of Toddler Having An Asthma Attack on a Flight Using a Plastic Bottle

When this doctor heard there was a child suffering an asthma attack with no medication available aboard his transatlantic flight last week, the quick-thinking physician came to the rescue armed only with a plastic water bottle, a cup, some tape and an a whole lot of ingenuity.

Dr Khurshid Guru, who attended a medical conference in Spain, was returning home aboard the transatlantic flight when the incident happened. With four hours into the seven-hour flight, he heard that a toddler was suffering from an asthma attack. The parents had mistakenly packed the medicine in their checked baggage, so the child had no access to medication.

Dr. Guru. Image: Twitter

As director of robotic surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in upstate New York, Dr Guru does not work with young patients. But when faced with an emergency tens of thousands of feet in the air aboard an Air Canada flight from Spain to the US, this quick-thinking doctor, who is no stranger to innovative gadgets, saved the day.

Image; Twitter

The physician switched on his creativity and cobbled together a makeshift nebulizer using the only items that he had on hand: plastic bottle, an oxygen tank, and electrical tape. He hooked up the adult inhaler to a hole in the bottle and added oxygen through another opening he had made so the boy could inhale both simultaneously.

His quick-thinking actions saved the boy from a more dangerous situation, earning himself comparisons to MacGyver – a fictional character from the eponymous 90s TV show best known for his incredible resourcefulness.

The video below has more on this remarkable story:

Thank goodness Dr. Guru was at the right place at the right time. Otherwise, this child would have suffered greatly. Let this be a lesson to all parents out there to be more mindful of keeping their medications at hand. Please share!

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