He Hears a Cry From Underground. When He Removes The Bricks? OMG!

We, at Tabooya, have seen a good share of incredible rescues, but what happens in the following video is the most strange thing we’ve ever seen.

In the clip below, posted by Russian Youtuber Vadim Rustam, we see a man rushing to tear up a brick pathway. According to the translation, this area of the pathway collapsed and went without repair for weeks. When it was finally fixed, they were told by a neighbor that the pit was deeper than it seemed. So when they heard barking from underground, they feared the worse.

As the man removes the bricks, I was holding my breath. Thankfully, there was still enough time to help the poor animal trapped under the bricks. It’s a miracle the dog was breathing!

Make sure to turn on CC to see the translation (click Subtitles in the box in the right-hand corner, then >CC>Translate>English.) Watch:

There’s no doubt that this dog only had a few more minutes of air, but this man’s quick thinking saved the day.

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