Woman Finds Nurse Who Cared For Almost Her Almost 40 Years Ago

Amanda Scarpinati was just 3 months suffered third-degree burns old after rolling into a steam humidifier. Now she is finally getting a chance to thank the hospital nurse who cared for her as an infant, thanks to a social media posting that revealed the identity of the nurse in 38-year-old photos.

20 yeas ago, Scarpinati, 38, tried to find the nurse who looked after her, but with no luck. Then she turned her search to Facebook, posting pictures of her as a baby with the nurse at Albany Medical Center.

Nurse Susan Berger comforts infant Amanda Scarpinati, who had been severely burned in 1977. Photo: Albany Medical Center

“Maybe now with the powers of social media someone will recognize her. This was from 1977. I would love to know her name and possibly get a chance to talk to her and meet her,” said Scarpinati, who works as a human resources manager.

Photo: Albany Medical Center

Almost immediately, the post went viral with 5,000 shares across the country. “It was on the local TV news the next morning. I was blown away,” she said.

Photo: Albany Medical Center

In less than 24 hours, someone who worked in the recovery room at Albany medical center in 1977 contacted Scarpinati. The nurse’s name is Susan Berger, who had moved to the Syracuse area years ago.

Amanda Scarpinati. Photo: News 10

After a phone conversation with Berger, Scarpinati said: “She just has such a gentle, caring voice, just like I imagined she’d have.”

“I remember her,” Berger told reporters. “She was very peaceful. Usually when babies come out of surgery they’re sleeping or crying. She was just so calm and trusting. It was amazing.”

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