She Went To The Hospital For a Nosebleed, But What Doctors Found Saved Her Entire Family

Like any girl her age, Crystal Enns loves living life to the fullest. She was going to school in Wylie, Texas and did not have any concerns about her health or her life, but everything changed in an instant when she started suffering a serious nosebleed in 2013.

Her concerned parents took her to the hospital, where doctors tried their best to figure out what the cause of the nosebleed was. After running some tests, they were shocked to discover that Crystal was suffering from a very serious kidney disease known as juvenile nephronophthisis and needed a transplant right away.

Doctors immediately started screening potential donors, starting with her parents. That’s when they noticed strange spots on her parents’ kidneys. After running some additional tests on the parents, doctors realized that the parents had identical forms of kidney cancer.

Thankfully, both parents were successfully treated, and Crystal received a kidney from her aunt.

After two years, the Enns family has fully recovered and living life to the fullest again, just like Crystal always wanted. All thanks to that random nosebleed. CBS has this incredible story in the video below:

Amazing! I’m happy for this family and hope they continue doing well.

The strangest thing about it is that doctors found no cause for the nosebleed. Was it divine intervention? What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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