A Dad Stopped His Daughter’s Wedding So Her Stepdad Could Help Give Her Away

A dad in Ohio is making national headlines after he halted his daughter’s wedding to invite her step-father to join him in walking her down the aisle.

The Bride’s father, Todd Bachman, was proceeding down the aisle when he suddenly stopped and walked over to the bride’s Stepdad Todd Cendrosky to give her away with him.

Those in attendance immediately started bawling at the touching gesture, making the special day a hell of a lot more special.

The wedding photographer Delia Blackburn said: “the guests clearly had no idea what he was doing.” He grabbed Cendrosky and asked him if he would help him walk Brittany Peck down the aisle. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including me!,” Blackburn said.

“The groom was extremely happy…the bride, she was in tears because this was a little bit of a struggle for her. I had to tell myself to hurry up and get the shot because I was losing it,” Blackburn, who is a step-parent herself, told BuzzFeed.

Blackburn shared the touching photos after the wedding online, along with their incredible story. The response was tremendous: the photos have been shared over 600,000 times!

“It apparently touches so many families in America today.” Said Blackburn, who also spoke with the newlywed couple since their wedding day. “”They are happy that their message is getting out for parents and stepparents to get along for the sake of their kids.”

Admit it, it’s hard to not tear up after seeing this inspiring moment.

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