Man Confesses To Perpetrating Massive Fraud In Suicide Note, Then Survives Attempt

A New York corporate lawyer was busted after writing a suicide note confessing to a massive Ponzi scheme —but then survived his plunge into the Hudson River, federal authorities said.

Charles A. Bennett was arrested for running a $5 million fraud after cops discovered his 16-page suicide note — which he left behind when he tried to kill himself, according to a criminal complaint, filed in Manhattan Federal court.

In the tragic manifesto, titled, “A Sad Ending to My Life,” Bennett admitted he swiped his friends’ and family members’ money to fund a lavish lifestyle.

According to the complaint, Bennett proclaims in the suicide note: “I have systematically over the course of five years perpetrated a huge Ponzi scheme enveloping my family and closest friends.”

“I managed to completely squander the hard-earned money that my family and dear friends had set aside over the course of their working lives … The whole investment was, in fact, a complete fiction,” he confessed.

“The bulk of the funds were used in classic Ponzi scheme fashion to pay off other ‘investors’ and my absurd lifestyle,” he wrote. “It was all an illusion — not one trade was ever done.”

In the note he says he would likely “face a long prison sentence and that he can’t cope with it and was seeking another way out.”

Well, now he has another reason to be depressed: Jail.

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