Leaked ‘NASA Footage’ Showing Manned Mission To Mars In 1973 Goes Viral

Did NASA launch a secret mission to Mars in 1973? A film supposedly leaked from NASA files seems to suggest just that. The clip shows blurry footage from the alleged manned mission to Mars, and it has set the internet abuzz.

The film, which shows some wobbly-cam footage of the planet, begins with a sign saying, ‘Not for public distribution.’

This has sparked an avalanche of speculation and fueled a passionate discussion online. Some commenters are skeptical, but UFO enthusiasts believe that the footage is real and that “it was being kept from the ordinary public for various sinister reasons, and that NASA and other governments are covertly in contact with aliens.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that there was a ‘secret space programme’, codenamed Project Redsun, when humans landed on Mars in the late 60s or early 70s.

Judge for yourself:

I’m not sure if this is real or just another elaborate hoax. But it does look interesting.

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