Girl Explaining Why She Painted Barbie With Nail Polish Is The Cutest Thing Ever

This little girl is having a hard time convincing that dad that her barbies keep telling her to paint on their nails. “They tell me to. They said it 100 times!”

In the video below, dad Joseph Nagorski asks Sophie: “All of a sudden Barbie said can you paint me with nail polish? Does she know she could have ruined your carpet and all of your blankets?”

Holding back tears, the toddler replies: “Yes, she told me to. I said it was a horrible idea but she didn’t listen to me. She said it 100 times. I said no.”

“Then when she was all painted blue did you think you should have stopped painting her with nail polish on the carpet?” her dad says.

‘All my Barbies keep saying it. All of them. They say they want me to paint on their nails. They tell me to. She said it 100 times.’

When asked who should get into trouble, her or the barbies, she thinks for a moment and says, “Me”.

It’s okay because next time she has promised to be more assertive and tell the dolls no nail polish is allowed in the house.

Here’s the adorable exchenge:

Well, we can’t be certain Barbie didn’t come to life and demanded to be painted all over with blue Disney nail polish, but it seems unlikely.

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