Dog Leads Man To Newborn Abandoned On Roadside

My grandmother use to say that dogs are actually angels sent by God to protect us. Wether she was right or not, after reading this story you’ll agree that dogs are much more than man’s best friend.

While out for their morning walk, Jeff noticed that his dog, Bobby insisted in going on a different direction than their usual rout. When Jeff tried to pull him, the black lab started pulling hard on his leash, yanking Jeff down the dirt road, feverishly sniffing toward a patch of grass ahead of them.

Jeff decided to follow his dog and moments later he saw what he thought was either a rock or a baby rabbit on the ground. But when Bobby finally reach it, Jeff was shocked to find a newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached.

As reported in the video below, Jeff immediately screamed for his neighbor to call 911. Then his wife and daughter ran out of their house and wrapped the baby in a towel for warmth while waiting for authorities.

“I tend to think it was God led us this way, that all life is precious to Him,” Jeff says in the video below. Watch:

Jeff believes it was divine intervention that led Bobby to the baby. One thing is for sure, this hero dog is the reason a baby girl is alive today. Thank God Bobby led his owner in the right direction!

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