This Dog Is Running With His Owner For The First Time. But When I Look Closer, OMG!

This adorable dog named Derby was born with deformed front legs. But Tara Anderson, from North Carolina, decided to foster him.

She got Derby a cart, but it limited his mobility and wasn’t the same as running. So with the help of her team at work, they decided to build Derby prosthetic legs so he could run.

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“I had to try and help this dog,” Anderson, who works in project management at 3D Systems, said.

They set out to build a prosthetic that would allow Derby to run, starting low “so it wouldn’t be too drastic of a change for Derby,” Anderson said.

“I don’t become impressed very quickly, but when I saw him sprinting like that, it was amazing,” said Dom Portanova, Derby’s adoptive parent.

Now the dog runs two or three miles with his owners every day. They say he’s faster than they are.

Watch Derby running fir the first time in the heartwarming video below:

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