This Incredible Cave Home Will Send You Back In Time

Nestled on the southern edge of Arizona, in the former mining city of Bisbee, rests Cathy and Randy Clark’s home. The couple purchased this 45 acres of undisturbed cliffside real estate in 1984, but they were unsure of how to develop a residence on their new property without altering the existing beauty of the landscape. Then they heard a boom.

In the video below, Cathy explains that they “tracked down the location of the blast, and found Gus Gonnason, a former mining engineer who was blasting a home for himself in a mountainside about a half-mile away.” Upon introducing himself, Clark reportedly asked, “When you’re done, can you come over and do one for us?”

A few days later, nearly 3,000 square feet of rock was carved out from the cliffside, resulting in a remarkable three-bedroom home, while keeping the rest of their expansive property untouched.

“This house will be here about 10,000 years, so we decided we’d better put in a good kitchen,” Clark told reporters.

“A traditional home has a lot going for it,” Clark explains in the video below, “but it won’t ever be as interesting as living in the cave house.” Watch:

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