Mysterious Fortress Found in The Middle Of Siberian Lake Baffles Scientists

Experts around the world are baffled after a mysterious ancient fortress was found in the middle of a Siberian lake. The ancient fortress — which scholars estimate must have been constructed around 757 A.D. — engulfs an island in the middle of Tere-Khol Lake in the mountains of southern Siberia.

The site, known as Por-Bajin, occupies 3.5 hectares and is considered one of the most mysterious archaeological discoveries in recent history. Researchers noted that Por-Bajin layout was “characteristic of Chinese architecture from the T’ang Dynasty.”

Photo: Por-bajin

Por-Bajin is considered part of the Republic of Tuva under the Russian Federation. In fact, Por-Bajin means “clay house” in the Tuvan language.

Photo: Por-bajin

Archaeologists can’t explain why there are no provisions for heating systems in the fortress despite the fact that temperatures there could drop dangerously low.

Photo: Por-bajin

For all the debates that archaeologists have engaged in, however, no one has been able to answer the questions surrounding Por-Bajin. Who built it? What is it really for? Why was it abandoned? For now, we all just have to wait until the excavations on the site yield more clues.

Photo: Por-bajin

This is definitely a great find. I wonder what else they’ll find in this intriguing place.

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