Hero Firefighters Rally Behind Kid Who Was Attacked By a School Bullies

When this seventh-grader Jonathan Moran, who is autistic, boarded his bus recently, he was looking forward to a great day at school. But things took a turn when he became the target of a bully who started making fun of his sneakers and calling him names like ‘fat’ and ‘idiot.’ Trying to avoid a confrontation, Jonathan put on his headphones to block out the noise and went on with his day. Little did he know, that was only a prelude to what would happen later.

On the bus ride home, the bullying got more intense. As soon as the bus left school grounds, another student started punching Johnathan, breaking his glasses, splitting his lip and leaving bruise marks all over his face.

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When the bus driver realized what was happening, she immediately called 911. Within minutes, the Linden Fire Department arrived at the scene, they called Jonathan’s mom and drove the boy home so he didn’t have to ride the bus.

On the way to his house, Jonathan shared his hopes for the future with the caring EMTs who dropped him off at home and drove off. But that wouldn’t be the last time he saw his heroes.

Later that evening, the EMTs returned to Jonathan’s house, bringing with them an amazing surprise that Jonathan will never forget.

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Jonathan never saw it coming…

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What started as a terrible day ended on a high note, thanks to these everyday heroes.

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Jonathan’s mother, Hope Moran, took to Facebook to express her gratitude for the incredible gesture.

“I would like to take a moment to thank the Linden Fire Department for their generosity. Earlier today my son Jonathan Moran was assaulted on his school bus, he suffered minor injuries to his face, lips and mouth, it seemed to initiate with a he said she said type thing, that I am told Jonathan ignored, this apparently transpired on the morning bus ride to school. […] For those of you that don’t know, Jonathan is high-functioning Autistic child. He struggles with self-control and in the past would have not been able to maintain control in a situation of this type. He did, he did not retaliate, he did not say or do a thing and I could not be prouder!”

Here’s the video she posted with her note:

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