Man Transform Old Trailer Into Amazing Mobile Home

The American culture has been paved with the ideals of freedom, and very few pieces of infrastructure illustrate this value better than the United States’ sprawling network of highways and interstates. Americans love the open road, and when you can travel in your ‘home’, live becomes a dream come true.

That’s why Airstream campers became so popular with adventurous Americans. In the video below, Landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos explains his early fascination with Airstream trailers and how he ultimately lived in one for four years, paying off his student loans without the burden of a mortgage or rent.

Most recently, Stavropoulos decided to modernize his new home on wheels, making a series of truly beautiful renovations to bring his classic camper into the 21st century. According to Dwell Magazine, Stavropoulos tackled the project himself, “using playful paint colors, cork flooring, track lighting and custom cabinets to breathe new life into the decades-old trailer.”

Because his job revolves around landscape architecture, Stavropoulos decided to use his Airstream to set up shop on location and work in the actual environment he’s designing, rather than scurry back to an uninspired, confined office space, using the camper as a roving, movable studio to truly immerse himself within his profession.

Not only do Americans love the open road and the excitement of being on the go, but they’re also applying that passion for mobility to their work. It’s this kind of unbridled freedom that truly seems to embody the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, wherever that may lead.

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