He Pointed a Camera To The Sky, Captured Mind-blowing Floating City Over China

Conspiracy theories have set the internet abuzz after residents of two Chinese cities witnessed a ‘floating city’ appearing in the sky.

The bizarre event was captured on film and shows what appeared to be a large cityscape of dark skyscrapers floating in the clouds.

After being aired on Chinese news channels and later uploaded to YouTube, the incredible footage has attracted a number of other conspiracy theorists offering an explanation.

Photo: Video frame

One of the more common theories is the belief the illusion was the result of ‘Project Blue Beam’ — a secret NASA project in which the space agency will try to start a New World Order through holograms.

One commenter wrote: “Clearly this was an offshoot of project Bluebeam by the Chinese Government in conjunction with the US air force.”

Another theory suggests the event was not designed here on Earth; rather it was the work of aliens from another dimension.
“I believe it’s the work of the aliens. They probably teleported a giant city or maybe reflected it from their own dimension,” wrote one user.

While these supernatural explanations are enticing, scientists have been quick to dismiss the occurrence as a Fata Morgana — a mirage caused when light passes through at different temperatures.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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