This Puppy Was Thrown In a Ravine And Left To Die In A Plastic Bag. Then a Miracle Happened

It has been said that “love is the most powerful force in the universe.” That true statement is exemplified by this incredible story.

Last week, this adorable puppy was left to die in a plastic bag. But then, Facebook happened. On Friday morning, Marcia Lutz, a member of a Facebook group devoted to saving pets in the city of Rondon, Brazil, posted an urgent appeal for assistance to the group’s page after spotting the poor puppy in desperate need of a helping hand.

Image: Facebook

“He was thrown in a ravine inside a plastic bag,” she wrote. “It’s a place that’s difficult to access. I can’t save his life. Can anyone help me …”

Within minutes, comments began to pour in from people asking how they could assist, and in less than a half-hour after the first call for help was posted to Facebook, the dog was rescued.

According to The Dodo, Cláucia Jackline de Oliveira, who works at a medical office near where the dog had been spotted saw the Facebook post. She and another nurse leapt into action, climbing down into the ravine to bring the puppy to safety.

Image: Facebook

One hour later, Oliveira returned to the Facebook page to announce that “the puppy had already been adopted.”

Image: Facebook

The speed in which the puppy went from being wrapped up like trash to becoming somebody’s treasured pet was inspiring even for folks on the page who help animals every day.

Image: Facebook

One member of the group wrote: “I want to thank everyone who was concerned, who rescued, who cared. I still see hope for a better world with your kind of attitude.”

Never underestimate the power of animal lovers working together to help victims of cruelty.

H/T: The Dodo

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