An Incredible Sign Appeared In The Sky. What His Camera Captured Will Give You CHILLS

Published on Oct 21, 2015

An incredible video showing what many are calling “The hand of Gad” has surfaced online, sparking an avalanche of comments with experts trying to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why the cloud formed such an amazing shape.

As you can see, the formation in the sky obviously is in the shape of a hand – and naturally, appearing to be a human hand viewed in the sky, people are questioning as to whether the “hand” is the “hand of God.”

Experts have no problem explaining how the cloud is produced, but they cannot give a reason as to why it is shaped like a human hand. As to whether it is truly the “hand of God” or a coincidence in the clouds’s appearance, many have taken both sides – thinking it is all scientific coincidence or believing it is God in a revelation. Watch:

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