He Was Barely Alive. But When His Mother Picked Him Up, I Cried

Tabooya fans know that we love to share heartwarming stories. This video, however, documenting baby Ward Miller’s emotional journey from the NICU to his first year is particularly gripping.

Anyone who has had a child in the hospital knows how stressful it can be. When that child is your first child, born prematurely, you can add to that stress all of the fears that go along with being a first-time parent. You watch your baby, hooked up to monitors, feeling a mixture of joy and sadness.

Ward’s journey. Photo: Video Frame

Ward was born 3 and a half months early. But as we see him develop from a helpless infant into a bouncing, alert baby, my heart overflows with joy. By the end of the video, you would never guess that he had such a rough start.

Watching Ward grow into a healthy baby was truly heartwarming. What do you think? Please share your reaction in our comments section below.

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