Man With Dementia Has Incredible Breakthrough When Doctors Try THIS Method

After experiencing several episodes of seizures, 92-years-old Henry Dryer, who has been in a nursing home for over 10 years, eventually grew unresponsive and barely interacted with family members. He doesn’t even recognize his daughter when she comes to visit him. Then, doctors decided to try a new idea that changed him for good.

His condition was so severe that doctors described Dryer as “inert,” “unresponsive,” and “unalive,” and those close to Dryer couldn’t help but to endure the pain of watching him deteriorate under the power of dementia.

But after trying conventional methods, Dr. Sacks teamed up with Cobble Hill’s recreation therapist Yvonne Russell to introduce music therapy into Dryer’s treatment. The result? After listening to music for just a few moments, doctors they witnessed Dryer miraculously become more enlivened. His rigid, unresponsive figure loosen, not only shuffling his feet, and waving his arms around, but also starts responding to questions.

This dramatic transformation was captured in the video below, went viral since it was first uploaded to Youtube. So far, over 11 million people has watched and shared the footage. In light of this success, a documentary called Alive Inside was created, featuring Dryer’s story alongside other cases in which the condition of Alzheimer’s patients was improved via music. Watch:

An estimated 5.3 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and one out of every three seniors die with some form of dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. But more facilities across the U.S. are using music therapy to treat this horrible condition, and promising results are being reported everyday.

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