Evidence Of Alien Life? Mars Photos Show Ancient Structure, Hieroglyphs Carved Into Rock

NASA has released a new set of photographs which UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters claim to show evidence that extraterrestrial beings exist, claiming that the images reveal what appears to be an ancient structure and hieroglyphic-like carvings on Mars.

The photographs, taken by the Curiosity Rover, show a strange structure on mars surface and also carved writings on a rock, according to and alien researchers and conspiracy theorists who are convinced it proves there was once an ancient civilisation on Mars, much like those on Earth.

Skeptics, however, argue that the ‘writings’ on the images sent back by the Mars rover are just ‘textures’ in rocks. But no one has been able to explain the mysterious rock formation. Here are the images:

Image: NASA

“This is a monumental discovery, one that archeologists around the world should be taking a closer look at,” a commenter wrote.

Image: NASA

Another expert said: “A written language from another planet, its the final straw that will reveal disclosure. This is what we need to find more of.”

Image: NASA

NASA recently announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars – one of the requirements for life to start, but said there has been “no evidence yet of any life being present on the Red Planet.”

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