When They Saw This Bizarre 'Craft' Flying Silently In The Sky, They Immediately Grabbed Their Cameras

A silent butterfly-shaped UFO allegedly filmed and photographed just five days ago has set the internet abuzz. The bizarre “black craft” was captured on film by a father and son who were just leaving a restaurant near the Ohio-Kentucky border, several news outlets reported.

According to the YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10, who uploaded the footage to YouTube, Tom and Christopher captured the stunning footage showing a TR3B-type triangle UFO with a bizarre butterfly shape flying silently in the sky.

The men said five minutes later two “military helicopters” followed in the same direction.  The photograph below was captured by Christopher, the son.

The stunningly clear footage of an alleged UFO has gone viral, with UFO enthusiasts saying it is possibly the clearest alien UFO footage ever caught on camera. Some have even declared that this could be the long-awaited proof of alien UFO activity in the Earth’s atmosphere.

here’s the incredible video that has UFO fans excited:

Although many UFO sightings often have rational explanations, a small number truly are unexplained. What do you think? Is this an ‘alien UFO’ or just a man-made craft?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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