They Were Taking a Photo Of Their Baby In The Woods, But They Never Expected THIS!

It was a beautiful day and this mother was excited to see her little 1-month-old son Connor pose for an autumn photoshoot in the woods. But it turned out to be even more adorable than planned when a wild deer decided to show up behind the baby!

Maggie the deer is a local favorite at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Louisiana. According to Megan Rion, the photographer, Maggie was rescued and hand-fed at birth, so she had no problem posing for the camera.

Image credit: Imagine That Photography

Image credit: Imagine That Photography

“Maggie was hand-fed as a baby, so she’s very comfortable with people,” Megan told Yahoo Parenting. “But I always make sure that we have one hand right near the baby, because she is a wild animal.”

Image credit: Imagine That Photography

“I didn’t even know she was going to show up at the spot where I like to take pictures a,” Rion said.

Watch the magical encounter in the video below.

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