Police Went To This Man's House. What They Discovered Shocked The World

A Danish man who was arrested after twenty-one severed vaginas were found stored in his home freezer appeared in court today, several news media outlets reported.

According to the police, 63-year-old Peter Frederiksen, who resides in Bloemfontein, South Africa, lured his victims to his home before sedating them and performing illegal operations on them.

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According to the Associated Press, his arrest came after his wife told police he drugged her and cut off her genitalia while incapacitated. Frederiksen faces several charges, including sexual assault, genital mutilation and intimidation.

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In a statement Warrant Officer Lynda Steyn said: “It comes down to mutilation of private parts of a woman, cut out and kept as trophies. Frederiksen’s wife alerted authorities about the gruesome storage of body parts and police are investigating the extent of her involvement.

Forensic experts are now investigating if the body parts were taken from his alleged victims while the women were dead or alive, The Daily Mail reported.

Wow, what a monster!

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