Man Rescues Baby Horse And Brings Him To His Mother. Now Watch Her Reaction

Published on Nov 5, 2015

This man was minding his own business, driving with his friends down the highway, when suddenly an animal appears in the middle of the road. At first the driver though it was a deer. But as he got closer he was shocked to see a nervous baby horse wandering around incoming traffic!

Noticing how frightened the little horse was, the man stopped to let him pass. But the little guy was scared and confused, calling out for his mama to help him. But she’s trapped behind the metal guard rails, and there’s not a single thing she can do to help her stranded baby!

Thankfully, the driver jumped out of his car and brought the frightened baby to safety. Using all of his strength he lifted the baby up and over the barrier to join his loving mother.

I love this! You can tell by mom’s reaction how worried she was about her baby. But Thanks to this wonderful man, the whole family is reunited and back together where they belong.

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