Airplane Passenger Points His Camera Outside The Window, Captures Man Flying By The Wing

A video showing daredevils Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet racing the world’s largest passenger plane across the skies above Dubai has surfaced online and the internet can’t get enough of it.

The footage shows the A380 aircraft flying over the city and then is joined by the Jetmen who are dwarfed by the giant double-decker, which can carry over 500 passengers.

Photo: Video Frame

The carefully choreographed aerial showcase involved the world’s largest passenger aircraft flying at 4,000 feet in two holding patterns.

“This display between man and machine celebrates the magic and beauty of flight, a feat which just over a hundred years ago would have seemed an impossible dream,” Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for Emirates Adel Al Redha said.

Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Managing Director of Jetman Dubai added: “This demonstration of winged innovation is a perfect celebration of the values and intentions that both Jetman Dubai and Emirates share: striving for excellence and shaping perceptions.

The formation flight looks effortless in the short video, but it’s extremely dangerous as the force from the giant engines could have caused the Jetman to tumble dangerously out of control. Watch:

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