A Local Zoo Paired A Cheetah Cub And A Lab Puppy, Making Two Best Buds For Life

Kum-Ba-Li, a baby cheetah cub, had to be separated from his mother to be bottle-fed since he was behind expected growth for his age. In the process, their caretakers fell in love with him. However, since he could not be reintroduced to his mother for quite some time, the caretakers felt like Kum-Ba-Li needed another four-legged friend.

Kago, a labrador puppy saved from a high kill shelter, was adopted by the same caregivers. They quickly fell in love with him as well, and decided, after careful thought and preparation, to introduce the two. Soon enough, the two became the best of friends, constantly playing together.

It seems as though this cheetah and dog don’t care what species they’re from, but that having someone to love and have fun with is whats important.

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